Are You Going With Your Gut Feeling?

Are You Going With Your Gut Feeling?

With so much attention on gut health now linked to so many other health issues, the question is what can we do well to improve our gut microbiome? We already know that a balanced diet with plenty of fibre, a good balance of pre and probiotics, regular exercise and minimising the use of antibiotics goes a long way to helping the stomach. But what about our skin? In scientific circles the gut is now often referred to as the 1st brain and the grey matter in our heads the 2nd.

The sea squirt, like humans, is a member of the chordate phylum. It has a bit off a brain and a kind of spinal cord. The brain blithely sends messages to the rest of the body via the spinal cord, and receive interesting information in return. A human’s brain might receive information from the sensors in the skin about whether it’s cold or something is irritating the skin; a sea squirt’s skin sensors can tell its brain about the temperature of the water deeper in the ocean. Equipped with this information, a young sea squirt navigates the great oceans until it finds a rock that is secure, in just the right temperature & surrounded by food where it settles down. Sea squirts are sessile animals, once settled they never move, come what may. The first thing a sea squirt does after settling down is eat its own brain. Why not? It is never going to move and all it needs is its stomach to survive. Perhaps this is why we should be looking at the balance of probiotic & prebiotic in our gut and the effect on our skin. If the stomach is unbalanced our skin can become yellow or grey in colour and rough in texture.

Ella Bache has always been known for its use of plant extracts in their products since 1936. This has now been taken even further with the use of pro & prebiotics in the SensiBeautics Skincare Range and Demaquillant d’Eclat (radiance makeup remover)

These products contain ProBioSkin which is derived from Corn Maltrose, Beetroot Saccharose and freeze dried Lactobacilli.

These balance the skin’s ecoflora on the surface to optimise its defence functions, just like our gut. Giving a much clearer complexion with less irritation.

For optimum benefits the SensiBeautics Facial performed in salon twice in 28 days will begin your road to a balanced complexion. Book now and if it is after hours just leave a message and we will return your call with a booking time.

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