Are You Hiding Behind A Mask?

Are You Hiding Behind A Mask?

Masque treatments are possibly the most neglected part of our skin care routine but can also be the most instantly rewarding.

Most masque treatment contain a higher concentration of active ingredients to give the skin a quick boost in a shorter time, be it to brighten the skin for a hot date, school reunion or just plain old quick fix. Used on a regular basis their benefits are enormous.

For Parched Skin – HYDRA REPAIR BALM – $85 This is the go to for all types of skin and all ages that are showing signs of dehydration. Its creamy texture melts into the skin bathing it in amino acids, marine algae & rosehip seed oil, to restore comfort & hydration.

For Damaged and Pigmented Skin – ETERNAL CRÈME MASQUE – $75 Ideal for mature, sun damaged, loss of firmness and peri and post-menopausal skin. This cream masque can be applied at night instead of a night crème and slept in which allows the active ingredients of myrtle extract, tripeptides and Omega-Age* work for a longer period. * Omega-Age is exclusive to Ella Bache, along with Raspberry oils rich in omega 3&6 and vitamins E&A.

For Teenage Skin & Gentlemen – MASQUE INTEX No2- $62 A treatment masque for skin prone to sebaceous pimples, blackheads, acne and excessive oil flow. This absorbing masque is both antibacterial and healing. Thyme oil is the natural antibacterial agent along with Cod Liver Oil to promote healing and kaolin to absorb excess oil.

Other home treatment masques are, Energising Crème Masque to soften the skin & Bio-Cellulose Extreme Hydrating Masque to energise and hydrated for maximum effect.

For the ultimate benefit Skin Review has 7 specialized in salon treatments to suit all skin types and needs.

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