Avoid Buying The Wrong Products

You see a new product in the market and you’ve heard your friends using it. So you try it out and the results you get caused more harm than good.

The product cost a lot and you chalk it up to another expensive mistake. You might not think about it, but these wrong products can add up to a fortune.

So what can you do? Save yourself the heartache and expense with a professional skin analysis. And no, we’re not talking about a department store “skin analysis.” We mean a professional skin analysis performed by one of our highly trained aestheticians.

Our aestheticians start with questions about your lifestyle, any medical condition you may have, the foods you eat, and your current skincare regimen. All four of these factors have a huge impact on your skin.

Then, we combine expertise with technology to look below the surface of your skin. We can see:

  • The depth of wrinkles
    • Pigmentation—how much and how widespread
    • Vascular color—yes, your blood vessels!
    • Different conditions of your skin and their severity (oily, dry, dehydrated, etc.)

With this objective, scientific information we have a complete picture of your skin. Now we can confidently talk to you about skincare challenges, what your skin needs, and how to address them.

A professional skin analysis saves you a ton of money and frustration. Problems are quickly addressed, and many times, reversed!