Eye Cremes Are All The Same, Right?

No. Absolutely not. No way.  That’s like saying all skincare products are the same. With so many different skin types, it’s impossible to create just one that would cater to all of them. That’s why there are different formulations of eye cremes to meet your specific needs.

Some are made for dry or sensitive skin. Others smooth fine lines, minimize dark circles and reduce puffiness. Some eye cremes will even attack all of those problems at once.

Let us know what you want and we can show you the best formulation for it. But keep in mind that eye cremes must be lightweight and glide on easily.

Since most of us wear foundation and eye make-up, applying a heavier facial moisturizer near your eye area can cause your make-up to run. Eye cremes are lighter and melt right into the skin to prevent raccoon eyes.

But what if your eye area is dry? Can you use oil around your eyes? Yes, but be careful. Make sure you only get specially formulated oils that have been tested and approved by ophthalmologists.

These are far less likely to clog the delicate tissue causing milia, or white bumps. But how can you tell which eye creme is best for you? Let us help you there.