Getting Rid of Bad Skincare Habits

The skin is the largest organ of your body. But sometimes, you unknowingly do harmful things to it. Some people believe that these abuses wouldn’t really harm their skin.

Your skin is not invincible. It doesn’t have super powers that can repel damaging effects due to your bad habits. So it’s best to learn what they really are.

The Tanning Bed – Conconcentrated bursts of ultraviolet A and B, not only cause skin to age, you are also increasing the risk of getting melanoma skin cancer!

Smoking – This addiction literally sucks the oxygen right out of your blood. Smoking does what the sun does, but from the inside out! It also yellows your skin causing it to become weak, tired and listless looking.

Scrubbing Your Skin – Washing your skin is good; scrubbing it like a scouring pad isn’t! This irritates your skin, can even worsen acne. Be gentle and get the same results without the irritation.

Using The Wrong Facial Cleanser-Washing your face with deodorant soap or even the wrong cleanser for your skin type can completely wreck the pH balance of your skin. It can make you look older, and your skin dull and lifeless. Use a facial cleanser created for the unique needs of your skin!