Negativity Can Be Good Too – By Beauty Salon South Perth.

When you say negativity, people automatically think of bad things. Well, that is the definition in the dictionary.

But there is another kind of negativity that’s actually good for your mind and body. Negative ions are electrically charged atoms and molecules that are part of your body and your surrounding environment.

You can feel the impact of negative ions through waterfalls, rain, or snow. This is why the sound of flowing water relaxes your mind and body.

Unfortunately, waterfalls are not easy to come by and what we have abundant today are electromagnetic radiation, pollution, cigarette fumes, and more. This exposure damages your body and is believed to have a role in the aging process and cancer.

Want to get the balance you crave without taking a day off?  Our pink Himalayan salt massage will do the trick! It provides 84 essential mineral and trace compounds, the same elements found in your body.

Plus, the minerals in a pink Himalayan salt massage are in an ionic form, which enables them to pass through cells walls, allowing the salt to work more deeply.

Maturing for over 250 million years beneath an ancient primal sea in the Himalayan Mountains, Himalayan salt has zero exposure to toxins and impurities.

Hand carved into massage stones, they glide over your body gently soothing away pent up stress, tension, and pollutants. This ancient massage calms inflammation, hot flashes, relieves tissue congestion and irritation, and even helps your body bounce back from adrenal fatigue.

You’ll feel like you spent a day at the beach, rejuvenated, refreshed, and youthful. You deserve that, don’t you?