We are now able to offer you yet another service, be it for yourself or as that extra special Gift Voucher.

Melissa, our senior therapist, who never wants to stop learning and offering something more to her clients and the salon, has now completed an intensive training course in the art of Rei-ki hands on treatment.

Stress is a byword of the twenty first century. In an age of medical miracles, it is the malaise which touches all. Even those who are fit can fall prey to low spirits & lethargy, which can follow after a burst of energy in high demand situations. Rei-ki is a life force, recharging technique which was rediscovered late last century in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui, a distinguished scholar in his art of ancient text.

Rei-ki is an energy renewal technique conducted through the hands, the additional flow of rei-ki energy is perceived in a variety of ways by the client. Some feel heat while others may feel a cooling effect or others a pulsing. This is an ideal treatment for those who are self-conscious about having someone touching them as it can be performed without undressing.

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