Questions Your Aesthetician Should Ask

There are some people who hate being asked a ton of questions. But when getting a facial, it’s best to divulge some secrets to your aesthetician.

Why? Because this helps her understand your skin better.

Facials work with the skin, the largest organ of your body. Everything you do:  the food you eat, medication you take, lifestyle habits—even your emotions—are filtered through your skin.

By knowing your skin and your daily life choices, she’ll be able to determine how to best treat your skin.

Here are the most common questions you’ll likely be asked:

  1. What’s your at-home skin care routine?
    2. What prescription medications are you taking? Any topicals like Retin A?
    3. Any health problems?
    4. Any adverse reactions to products or ingredients?
    5. Your lifestyle: Do you smoke? If so, how much? Do you eat a lot of processed foods?
    6. When was the last time you had a facial?
    7. Are you currently seeing a dermatologist?

These questions show that you’re working with a professional.

And even if your aesthetician has been working with you for a long time, update her on any changes so she can give you a more accurate assessment and treatment.