With the use of social media well & truly on the rise, you may have noticed an increase in makeup bloggers posting and appearing on your feeds…. and

YES we are all guilty of being easily influenced into buying the current beauty FADS and trends.

Have you noticed that almost all celebrities & models always have the perfect shaped face, tiny noses, chiselled jawline, contoured cheeks. Well they may be blessed with amazing facial features OR they could be contouring.


WHAT is contouring?– makeup, using darker and lighter skin toned bronzing powder or cream to shade areas you may like to define or reshape such your forehead, jawline or nose.

WHY do we contour? – it can subtly hide or define features to create (to what society thinks) is ultimately the picture perfect look. Contouring can make us look younger, with its ability to achieve a slimming & symmetrical face.

WHAT is the best product? – Cream VS Powder – ideally have your skin diagnosed to determine your skin type as this can be a game changer for applying makeup in general. At Skin Review we offer a complimentary skin diagnosis with the purchase of skin care & makeup. Dehydrated skin suit a creamy texture while powders are more suited to oily skins.

TO START after cleansing & moisturising with Ella Bache use the ERE PEREZ dual action Vanilla Highlighter as a primer to illuminate your skin and help makeup last longer. Apply Ella Bache Suncover/ Sunguard ofoundation or Ere Perez Oatmeal foundation.

The Contour Craze

STEP 1. Highlight using the Ere Perez dual action Vanilla Highlighter over the cheekbones, browbone & cupids bow to brighten & enhance features OR use a foundation 2 shades LIGHTER than your base foundation.

The Contour Craze

STEP 2. Contour using the Ere Perez multi-purpose buffing brush, apply a liquid foundation or bronzer up to 2 shades DARKER to achieve a deep defined reshaping.

The Contour Craze

STEP 3. Finish by dusting with the Ere Perez Rice Powder or Bronze tones to set the colours in place.

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