Masking is a weekly must, not just for the very visible instant gratification a good treatment mask delivers but for the way it helps to boost the effects of your favourite everyday products. By re-conditioning your skin with a mask, you’re enabling your favourites to work harder and go deeper. So what if there was a product that boosted your mask in a similar way? The good news: there is and it’s probably sitting on your bathroom shelf or in your shower, begging you to see it in a new, over-achieving light.

It’s your humble exfoliant and it holds the power to push your favourite treatment mask to greater heights. By refining the skin’s top layers before you treat your skin to a mask, the transformative powers of that mask are only amplified by a freshly cleaned and polished canvas.

The perfect couple

The ideal match of exfoliant and mask ultimately comes down to your skin condition and any particular issues you want to target. Here, our education team prescribe the perfect pair to achieve specific skin goals:

For congested skin

Try Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant and Savon Crème Deep Cleansing Exfoliant for a deep clean before using Charcoal Foaming Mask to detox and decongest the skin.

For dull, lacklustre skin

Try Revealing Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant to gently refine and brighten skin before using Eternal Instant Ultra Rich Cream Mask to further enhance its hydrating and plumping effects.

For dry skin

Try Refining Exfoliating Gel to smooth the skin before using Energising Crème Mask to deliver essential moisture and nourishment to the skin.

For delicate skin

Try Tomate Granule Free Micro Exfoliant to gently refine skin before using Hydra Extreme Plumping Mask.

For skin in need of an overhaul

Try Resurfacing Peel to diminish fine lines and pigmentation before using Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask to enhance moisture absorption.