What To Ask Before Getting Waxed

Getting a Brazilian wax for the first time can be scary. You heard about other women’s bad experiences. You’ve seen how movies use waxing as a topic for comedy. It’s no wonder you have to think twice, thrice, even more times to seriously consider getting it done.

So, the best way to go about this is to get accurate information before you schedule your appointment.

And this is where we come in.

In order to get a good and non-frightening experience at a waxing salon, it’s best to ask a few questions to put your mind at ease.

  1. Ask about the technician’s qualifications. Where did she get her training? How long has she been doing Brazilians? Does she have any testimonials?
  2. Ask about the type of wax used. The best to use for Brazilians is a hard wax. Make sure the wax adheres only to the hair, not to the skin. It would be a lot more painful otherwise.
  3. Ask about hygienic practices. What is used to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and the like? How do they ensure your health safety and that of the technician? Is everything disposable?
  4. Ask about topical pain relief. Do they have a topical to apply to reduce pain? Do they have recommendations for reducing pain before you get to your appointment?

Any reputable spa will welcome these questions and encourage more. We sure do!